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"Testimony" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

Received via email for publication at 11:11 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles I wanted to offer my personal testimony to this community before ...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"To Assumed Elders - etal... Let me Help VII (7)" by Chief R. Hoss Jones Jr. - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by Chief R. Hoss Jones Jr. at 2:23 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

1st. Thank you again one beautiful Grateful Gal.. for your interest in what I've been trying to convey and reveal to the assummed Elders and anyone else that might wish to see and learn and

The Onondaga Nation are for those that wish to play in the same sand box as all power hungry people are. They may be Indians but do not live by our organic Great Law. They are corporate shells Federal entities, and has no honor. One Sid Hill who is called Tadodaho when put in this position ran off with his mistress to Florida and would not come back until payed lots of $$. John and Yoko Lennon's support of the Onondaga Nation in 1971 were schmoozed and had no idea. But your post of "NATIVE AMERICANS WARN NATIVE HAWAIIANS OF THE DANGERS OF FEDERAL RECOGNITION" is exactly what I mean.. you can't dance with the devil.

I do hope that one " Anna von Reitz" who I am familiar with gets to see these instruments.. it may helper in what she is endeavoring. This CAT I assure you is not "bogus".

This may vary well be my last posting...I have done my part in showing you all and the assumed Elders what vary well is the Achilles Heel to/of toppling the whole cable power control. The cable - bankers protectorates are your public officer servants, there had been some Legislators that tried to topple their grips and were severely punished for it by death, like Louis Thomas McFadden.


I tried to explain in the most laymens way and cognitive manner. As we say .. we lead a horse to water.. but if it wants to be a mule then so be it.

I will paste here all the old websites I know of that you all may go and do you own due diligence. Some of the pdfs may not be  vailable to retrieve.. and you maybe listen to mp3's if retrievable. I can't stress enough to all how important this CAT Instrument is. Below you see a audio my Mike Grady*/

1st audio of Mike Grady A MUST LISTEN TO AND MOST EDIFYING .

For a brief explanation.*/*/

Grateful Gal, Vee has informed me that you seem to be the only one to have explored my posting .. You are truly one that is wanting to seek the truly and not learning unto your-thine own understanding. hands are tied to do anything... this is not my doing or battle.. but all yours.. it's your Government and your Fiduciaries that created and allowed all this chaos. I could only bring it all to your attention..I show this to you all because this is an alternative cohesion if you will in spurring ahead the RV or if the RV is not a factual event .. the CAT will make one So. Yes Elders take notice..

I'm done (DND)

Chief R. Hoss Jones Jr.

"We are the Priority Creditors of the Whole Planet" by Suzi - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by Suzi at 2:26 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

We are “the Priority Creditor of the whole planet”

To all Truth Seekers,

Most investors and, for that matter, Lightworkers are truth seekers. Why? Because lies do not serve us. We seek the truth because truth is God and God is truth. We cannot act fruitfully on lies, but from truth we can make something. However, clearly some on this site prefer to live in the land of misinformation, or even worse, disinformation. Disinformation most assuredly smacks of an evil agenda, so IMO no facts at one’s disposal are much better than the wrong facts.

It is obvious that many dismiss the legal work of Anna von Reitz and her team, even to the point of not only treating it as inconsequential material, but of criticizing Anna with ad hominem attacks where no substantive criticism can be made. From cowardly hypocritical lawyers this is especially distasteful.

However, as the quest for the GCR/RV continues, it should be even clearer now that this multi-year court proceeding IS AT THE CRUX OF THE MATTER. Why? Because basically all of the public money and corporate money of the world is tied up in the bankruptcies of the Municipal and Territorial United States corporations. And remember, “tied up” implies not freely usable until the bankruptcy is finalized.

Anna von Reitz and her team REPRESENT US, the states and people of America, and WE OWN ALL THE ASSETS, through the fluke of corporate structuring. Much disinfo has been spread on this site, so I hope Anna’s #730, published yesterday, will do much to clear this up. I believe things are close to being completely settled between us and our many worldwide corporate (governmental and banking) debtors. The American people and states do NOT have a $20 trillion debt. The bankrupt Territorial U.S. corporate governmental services corporation (which is largely owned by foreign banking interests) owes that debt. President Trump’s speech at the UN this morning was in alignment with our legal position as summarized by Anna. The article follows.

Anna Von Reitz -- Calling Out Benjamin Fulford


"Important Questions in Need of Factual Answers" by WayneR - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by WayneR at 1:49 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

I posted a question on DC Sunday night regarding the ZIM, and in the morning it was at the bottom of the "posts from yesterday". So I figure that either no one read it, or no one that did read it had an answer, so I will ask again, and I will try to be more precise.
  1. Someone posted that anything under 500M would not be exchangeable. Now if "someone" were holding a 100M bond note, will they be able to go to the exchange, or will they be out of luck? I'm sure there's quite a few folks in this same situation, and would need to have an answer so as to know where to go from here.
  2. Some Intel providers say there will be an 80/20 split...and some say that there wont be a split. On this, there can only be one answer.....and again, it is a "need to know" question. 
  3. I've seen multiple exchange rates. Examples: 1:1, 3:1, 3.6:1, and even 99:1. even though I'm aware the rates haven't been engraved in stone yet. But you can see how this would confuse even those that have been paying attention, or at least as much as they can, given their personal circumstances. 
  4. Then there's the structured payouts. Will anything under 500M have to have this as well? (providing it can even be exchanged at all)
Many of us have these same questions, and I felt compelled to ask on all of our behalf.

As for myself, I didn't get involved with the Zim for personal gain other than to help my immediate family live a better life than the "just above poverty" line that we've all been struggling through...paycheck to paycheck. My MAIN goal was, and still is, to help with critical issues in my own community and others globally. And now, with the devastation in Texas, Louisiana, and the possibility of Marie clobbering the east coast, (where most of my immediate family live including me...NY to be exact), these questions are DEFINITELY on a "Need To Know" basis.

So, I guess if you were to put this all into the proverbial "nutshell", I am asking anyone with knowledge of these issues..... Ok, I'll stop babbling. My question is: What can "someone" that holds, a 100M Zim note expect to happen when we all get the go ahead for the exchange? The reason for my question is that there are so many people in need, and I want so much to help, but I just can't do anything while still in the paycheck to paycheck matrix. I'm am eternally grateful that we have this opportunity. As I said, we need to know.

Thank you in advance.

With Love & Light,


"Re: Testimony" by Angelisa - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by Angelisa at 1:32 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

"Testimony" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

Please allow me to share my testimony then perhaps you'll know why I AM here..

From birth I was abused. Physically, mentally, sexually & spiritually.

My earthly father's body fluids created me but he used those same body fluids to try to destroy me by sexual abuse. My older stepsister abused my brother & I and sold me to the neighborhood child molester at 4 years old for a mere $20. My abused & emotionally bankrupt mother unknowingly put me in the care of Satan worshipping babysitters, so at 4 years old they abused me in every way possible during their sick & demented satanic rituals. They put me in a box for transport convincing me I was dead. Satan then used the lie that my body & soul belonged to him in the attempt to destroy my mind throughout my life.

By the Grace of God, at 5 years old I was somehow lead into a Lutheran church and given the rite of Baptism. From that point on GOD WAS MY DAD. I knew it truly & completely, with every ounce of my being. GOD was my real & loving Father and he remained in my life even when I turned my back on Him.

At 14 years old I escaped my psycho-sociopathic birth father and survived on my own. I slept on friend's floors, worked nights to finish high school, then college was somehow fully paid for. God literally provided every dime for food, clothes, rent & college education. There are far too many miraculous examples where His intervention was undeniable. As a Respiratory Therapist & first responder to adults, pediatric & neonates in critical conditions I helped save a lot of lives but also witnessed a lot of death.

I almost died 3 times from physical ailments & trauma but by the Grace of God I was saved from the brink of death by my Father's Hands. I was given the gifts of clairsentience & clairvoyance abilities so I continued to be of service & believe I was created for the greater good. I have always devoted my life to helping & caring for others & believe this is my soul purpose.

But being lied to & deceived all my life has caused me to dwell in doubt. God has always had a purpose for my life but I have never felt worthy. Because of all these life experiences, I now sit here waiting for this illusion of a ZIM exchange in the hope of expanding my soul purpose. But doubt, disbelief, fear, hopelessness, despair & feelings of unworthiness cloud my dreams of the ability to achieve God's purpose for my life.

Conversely, during times of peace I have hope, gratitude, awe & determination to achieve this great purpose with a complete knowing that God, My Loving Father, owns all the cattle in the land so He can provide everything ever needed for me and all who desire to help heal the soul of the world.

Anyone & everyone can.... With or without the exchange of paper.

May the Grace of God shine down upon you & make your path easy as you walk towards achieving your dreams & purpose.

In His Service,


"Re: Testimony" by Interior Girl - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by Interior Girl at 12:25 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

"Testimony" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

Dearest Yosef:

I have been following your posts and calls for nearly a year and feel you are my brother from another mother. I appreciate and love you dearly. Thank you for being here for us. Thank you for your honesty, your commitment, your sharing, and your love. You have pulled me back from the edge many times -- this has not been an easy trip, as most of us know. I am not the same person who stepped onto this Zimlandia road to surrender, love, and knowledge of self. Although I have been studying for nearly 50 years with the intent to ascend in this lifetime, I had no idea what that really meant until now. Your guidance, teachings and presence have been a Godsend to me.

I always knew I was here for a reason, Lord knows I wanted out so many times over the years. I somehow know this is my final lifetime, and I feel the mantel of the Creator's grace; as many of us do. Am I scared? Absolutely! Did I consider bailing and just taking a small sum and continue to live out my life in a bit more comfort? Absolutely! However, I prayed, meditated, did some deep soul searching, and became committed 100%. I do not want to fail my covenant to God, myself or my sisters, brothers and other sentient animals and plant life upon our planet. I am committed to what I have agreed to do for the remainder of my life. And, I will try to have fun in the process!

Looking forward to working with you and the other Human Angels. I am grateful for the support and love!

In Love and Truth,

Interior Girl

"Breathe Yosef, Breathe!" by Pat - 9.19.17

Entry Submitted by Pat at 12:22 PM EDT on September 19, 2017

"Unhinged" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

Thank you, Yosef, for your message! It's always hard showing ones vulnerable side.

You said, "I've turned into a short tempered son-of-a-bitch actually, and there's no reason to be that way other than my own emotional ignorance and general fear of failure.I am terrified the website will fall short in every way is the real truth."

Stop worrying. I think the website will far exceed most of our expectations. I'm looking to network and see what others are doing. A sounding board is important in this new venture. Especially important, is learning from others mistakes. I hope people use it to help other human angels gain knowledge from their own pit falls and road blocks. Just imagine someone giving a tip on how to cut through government red tape to expedite a project. Everyone learning from each other is priceless.

Just remember, all of us are being guided by God, Prime Creator, Source, Light, Benevolents, Higher Self ...on our endeavors. How can we go wrong with that kind of backing? Most importantly, get your ego and pride out of the way. Face it. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. Learn from them, correct for them, and move forward. Perfection is not expected. We will be in new territory, blazing new trails. Don't allow the fear of failure to hold you back. Failure is impossible. Failure is just a catalyst, to make new improved progress in a different direction.

For me, the fact that you are funding projects for others ideas is noble, but most of us will not need that service. Since the RV is imminent, we will have our own projects and money. It's the networking with others that we need. It's the sharing of experiences that will be priceless as we institute our own projects.

With your SITREPS showing your mood swings, try to take a few deep breaths and accept your humanness. Do the best you can, noting and adjusting for mistakes, and continue to move forward spreading Light, Love, and abundance. We need each other and when you (us) make mistakes, we need to know about them, so other members don't waste time making the same mistakes. We are ALL growing together in this.

Breathe deeply....we've got this!



"The Next 5 Days" - Dr. Clarke Update 9-19-17

(Tuesday 9-19-17): We’re going to make this quick today, as we’ve been outta pocket the past 2 weeks or so, buried in relief operations for Hurricane's Harvey & Irma.

MASSIVE destruction, and some areas STILL underwater in S. Florida, without Power & Food for Weeks. Our Hearts & Hands go out to all the victims, and there are over 60,000 families in S. Texas that are homeless, many still in shelters, with nowhere to go, because of losing everything, as well as, having NO flood insurance, and no money to repair the damage…..not to mention the MASSIVE disaster in Florida.

​The ramifications of what just happened the past 3 weeks, will linger for YEARS.

SIDE POINT: The media is hiding the massive Economic Disaster this has been over the past 3 weeks, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars & rising. (As well as over 130 Major Wildfires burning simultaneously over 1 Million acres in 8 Western U.S. States). Don’t be Fooled!….even as the Stock Market continues to rise to record levels. ​

WHAT?… add to the already lopsided and massive government debt & deficit condition, of almost 20 Trillion. Don’t be fooled over the next few weeks. We Firmly believe, there’s a Major Financial meltdown, within ALL MARKETS, coming in the not too distant future….it’s already occurring……quietly…..but will eventually turn into MORE PROSPERITY. Eventually.

Let’s ALL do what we can. We Wrote you about these Hurricanes, and in Irma’s case, we wrote specifically about the RECORD BREAKING effects, 10 DAYS AHEAD of it’s Landfall.…AND we gave you Exact Specifics. We wrote about it in our 9-1-17 Post, and Irma made landfall on 9-10-17 in S. Florida - 7 different times! Unfortunately, we tried to warn everyone way ahead of time, even BEFORE any of the major media was saying anything…..

Unfortunately, as we’re writing this, Hurricane MARIA just turned Category 5, with winds over 160 mph, and is headed toward the East Coast of the U.S. Many models have it moving up north and missing the coast. AGAIN, WE SAY START PREPARING NOW, if you live in FLORIDA, GEORGIA, South & North CAROLINA. This storm is also a Monster, and could easily be AT LEAST another Irma in scope.

The CAROLINA’S COULD GET A DIRECT HIT on this one, but it’s still early. Unfortunately though, Puerto Rico will again take a direct hit in a couple days, and this storm will again devastate many caribbean islands, AGAIN. It’s predicted to get close to the U.S. within the next 6-7 days, somewhere around the 25-27th. Make Preparations NOW, if you can. Many areas are already devastated, but don’t mess with this storm, as we wrote in advance about Irma……Let’s hope it eventually steers clear of the U.S. mainland, and ends up in the middle of the Atlantic……oh, by the way, Vietnam, which hasn’t gotten hit in a decade, just got hit heavily yesterday by a Very Intense Typhoon, killing at least a dozen.

Unfortunately, there’s MUCH MORE of this type of thing coming, in the weeks & months ahead.

We’ve been emphasizing over the past 2 months, the “Weather”, the “Ground” and the “Sky”……for a Very Good Reason.

“NO amount of Money or ANY RV of Any Currency, is more Important than the SAFETY of HUMAN & ANIMAL LIVES”……getting Priorities in Order, should be EVERYONE’S MAIN FOCUS…….and the rest will take care of itself.

Extend your Physical Hand…..not just your Thoughts, Prayer & Your Words.


Put yourself in their place…….We ourselves have been there in the middle of these things, more than once. Life will “Chew you up, and Spit you out”, in a heartbeat, and that’s why “We need each other”……and to eventually learn, even by way of “Chaos & Disaster”, to:
“Love one Another, rather than Hate one another.”


NOW, this is the “3rd WEEK OF SEPTEMBER”, 16 thru 24th……you know what we wrote about this, way back in our Post on 7-27-17.

You SEE the UN Meeting taking place this week. You SEE who’s there now.

Here’s what we have to write about this: “GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER!”


Guess what Day is coming up soon?………of course, you guessed it……Our Most Favorite Day of the Week, “FUN DAY - FRIDAY!” (the 22nd)…….this Friday is SO SPECIAL. Why? Because on this day, not only is this the Beginning of the Weekend ( a BIG Weekend. BIG.) - Butt. Butt…….NEW, VERY SIGNIFICANT, IMPORTANT PARTNERSHIPS WILL COME TOGETHER, LIKE NEVER BEFORE. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS.

This Friday is a Super-Charged PARTNERSHIP Day, on Steroids. Keep your “Eyes Wide Open”.……and Justice will be Served!…….and make sure you “Partner with Someone NEW” or in a NEW Way.


Kinda like when we wrote, 10 DAYS OUT before Irma made landfall, as the Atlantic Ocean’s Most Powerful Hurricane EVER RECORDED. Remember, we wrote & predicted, when this storm was yet a Category 3 storm - 10 days out, that it would be a RECORD SETTER, become a Category 5, and a significant “Wind Event”, and that it WOULD hit S. & Central Florida?……..and to NOT WAIT. To Prepare NOW!…….well,
We were 100% CORRECT.


We don’t have time Today, to list all the things that have come true, that we wrote about days & weeks in advance……but you can go back and see for yourself.

We DO want to leave you with one very important bit of information, that we’ve been highlighting for the past several posts…….because this has been, and will even more so, play a VERY IMPORTANT PART, in EVERYONE’S Lives in the Coming Days, and that is:

Remember the “SKY” in the “Coming Days”…..beyond Hurricanes…..“REMEMBER THE SKY”

THIS COMING SATURDAY, the 23rd: FYI - NO, the Rapture is NOT coming…..and NO, Jesus is NOT coming back…….because……he never left.

THE NEXT 5 DAYS are………BIG……but it’s NOT the End. YET.

ALL in our Exhausted, Totally fulfilled, Prayerful, Excited, Busy, Hurricane-Aided, Wind-Blown, Assisting, Delicate, Over-Flooded, Focused & IL-Logical OPINIONS……..”FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”……to the Highest Degree.

In Major Gratitude & Appreciation,

P.S. Go back and Re-read the DETAILS of our 7-27-17 Post (LINK) & 9-1-17 Post (LINK) ……..for what COULD be next………the Foggy Path really clears up this week, finally after over 12 years.

We’re NOT calling an RV DATE or an RV RATE (against our un-earthly Religions).

But we ARE CALLING…….. “ET Phone Home”.

We only write about our Metaphorically contrived, ill-advised, vivaciously insignificant, and totally inaccurate Viewpoints, Beliefs & Opinions, which mean……Nothing whatsoever.

SPOCK: “Captain Kirk, That’s Totally IL-Logical!”…….KIRK: Yes dammit…..that’s why it WORKED!…….you thick headed Vulcan!

“Nanu Nanu" ……..per Robin Williams (RIP), with this all-important, Secret Coded Message.

NANU NANU . (Watch: )

…….There’s a Proverbial Record Setting HURRICANE COMING!……and the Winds are picking up Speed Rapidly……..Find the “EYE”……..wait for it.

MOVE on the 4th DAY.



InJoy Your Weekend. You should “SEE”….. something.


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