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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 22, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 22 2017 Compiled 12:05 am EDT 22 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sun. Morning - 10.22.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Sunday Morning, October 22, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

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"Truth About Dunford"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:28 AM EDT on October 22, 2017

What would the message say? Is there one drafted perfectly with all the necessary elements?

"a single, very simple, very important message into Trump's hands, into Dunford's hands, into the hands of the UN Secretary-General, and to political and church and military leaders throughout the world.

That one message can and should change everything.

It's only a single sheet of paper. What it says is not hard to understand."


"Re: The Truth About Dunford" by Jeff - 10.22.17

Entry Submitted by Jeff at 10:57 AM EDT on October 22, 2017

Anna Von Reitz The Truth About Dunford, Get Ready

Dear Judge Anna,

I love your brilliant understandings and dedication to our country. Your focus has been on understanding the historical past of the USA and its hijacking, the misuse of admiralty/maritime law and how to remedy our situation.

General Dunford is involved with the funders of ALL humanity, who are based in Asia. Their history goes back thousands of years. They are the Ones who put up the collateral for all currencies of the world. These benevolent Elders wish to restore our beautiful Constitution from our Founding Fathers. They are on We the Peoples' side. They are transferring much wealth to We the People, formerly the meek, in a bottom-up fashion, letting the People fix the problems of the world, since the governments have been so corrupted. People to people.

General Dunford is NOT deceived into working with the cabal and the Federal Reserve. He is NOT working with fraudulent parties, such as the Rothschilds, the Zionists, the Khazarians, and so forth. Those parties have been defunded, and their minions are being neutralized.

I must say that it is YOU who does not understand this even bigger picture. It is not your fault. You have been concentrating on other super-important topics at home, in the USA. Hopefully, your clear understandings will be included in the restored Republics ASAP, which is the true Republic uncovered. I read somewhere that you were working with Grandfather, the oldest benevolent Elder in Asia, but it does not sound like that is so.

Those who will not stay to assist humanity, those who continue to block humanitarian progress are offered a choice to join in or leave. Justice will be served. The truths will be exposed for all to see, or may be deemed irrelevant for the new beginning.

Peace is to be the new reality. No more wars. The whole world is starting over with a "clean slate" -- no debts and real asset-backed currencies. Hunger and poverty are to be ended. Reaching out and offering a helping hand, lifting up our fellow human beings, will be our daily practice.

We are all on the same team.

"Re: The Truth About Dunford" by John - 10.22.17

Entry Submitted by John at 12:23 AM EDT on October 22, 2017

Anna Von Reitz The Truth About Dunford, Get Ready

First of all, I want to say that I sincerely appreciate Anna Von Reitz speaking out the way she does. The one problem I have is that, one moment it seems she’s working with Dunford and the next minute she’s saying he’s not doing anything right. As far as her working with General Dunford, it takes little more than a cursory search to find reference to that fact. Here’s a link. The headline reads;"

"Do you know who Judge Anna Von Reitz and General Dunford are? pay attention
February 5, 2016 by Danell Glade

Breaking News: Judge Anna von Reitz Now Working with the New Republic and General Dunford"


While she later clarifies that she isn’t legal council for General Dunford, another headline on the same page reads;

Re: Breaking News: Judge Anna von Reitz Now Working with the New Republic and General Dunsford on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:26 pm

Then, iI’m pretty sure that f you look back far enough in her archives, you will find a quote from Anna Von Reitz herself saying that “they (whoever the “ they” is) were the ones who chose General Joseph Dunford to head the Republic military and, I do remember reading that statement from her, which gave me a little more assurance at the time, about his being on “our side” so to speak but, according to her, all of a sudden he’s on the other side now. However, here’s a link that shows him to be speaking at the UN just back in 2016. The headline reads; "

In a first US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford addresses the UN as head of Republic


Add to that, the following from Anna herself in the same publication as linked above and, perhaps you can begin to understand my confusion about her tone now.

We formed an agreement with the American Native Nations — the Athabasca and Lakota– to fulfill the federal side. We issued two sets of Sovereign Letters Patent, one to reaffirm the united States of America, and one to establish a new arrangement with the Native people to bring them out of their POW status and incarceration in the Jurisdiction of the Sea and put them back on the land as free, sovereign, and independent people.

We then sealed this arrangement with a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, spelling out the intent of our actions. These actions were sent by Registered Mail to the Pope, the Queen, the UN Security Council, the United Nations Secretary General and others.

For the first time since the original Constitution was adopted, the federal side of the contract is now in the hands of Americans devoted to America— not British (Federal Reserve) or French (IMF) interlopers.

For the first time, the Federal Agents have a vested interest in truly and honestly protecting America and Americans, because if they hurt or plunder us, they hurt and plunder themselves.

I don’t mean to rock anyone’s boat but, am I the only one who is confused?


"Talking up a Storm" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Samson » October 22nd, 2017

The Governor's interview at Columbia University / New York

22nd October, 2017

Corresponding text by Mr. Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq at Columbia University / New York on 17-10-2017

Need Translation for below

Click here


Don961 » October 22nd, 2017

(Translation) Ali Mohsen Ismail Alalak Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Chairman of the Board Chairman of the Council against money laundering and terrorism financing

CBI © Ali Mohsen Alalak 2017

The historical stages of the Central Bank: Functions and policies (1947-1987): The first covenant

• Establishment and traditional monetary policy

• The Central Bank was established after the abolition of the Iraqi currency council, which was founded in Britain in 1931.% Foreign currency by

q was the transition from the link of the Iraqi currency Pound sterling to the dollar in 1955

q $ per dinar 2.80 US price The government of Iraq nationalized all banks and insurance companies 1964 in

q(1990-2003): • The Second Covenant

• The dominance of fiscal policy and the loss of the bank

• Serious challenges and government intervention in the bank's work during the Gulf War

• Loss of independence

• Use of the Central Bank of Iraq to finance the war machine through the cash issue

• Total depletion of bank reserves Centralized

q dinars against the dollar) and the arrival of 3000 (collapse of the dinar exchange rate and the Iraqi dinar

q Rankings 3 Inflation to the Central Bank of Kuwait lost its role in achieving the general stability of prices due to hyperinflation

q(2004-2014): The Third Covenant

• The Central Bank obtained independence under its new law and the achievement of general stability

• Prices: A new political system that establishes a competitive market economy

• The new law of the bank attended the government intervention in the work of the bank, including attended by the government. % And the currency auction 20 The use of the central bank interest rate (reached more than

q foreign to curb inflation.

The objectives of the Bank are to achieve stability in domestic prices and to maintain a stable financial system based on competition in the market. In line with the above objectives, the Bank is committed to promoting development and providing opportunities Working and Achieving Prosperity in Iraq: The Vision of the New Testament q The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) focuses on macroeconomics, monetary stability, price stability, and the achievement of overall objectives by maintaining financial stability and payment system, banking system and system functioning. Mali underbody on a large scale.

• The Fourth New Covenant

• Transition from monetary stability to financial stability and economic growth

The central bank has started a new era with a new vision, moving from 2015 to 2015, focusing on one or more goals. Monetary stability is a multi-dimensional institution with a number of objectives and tasks in response to developments and challenges in central banking in the world. And tools of the twentieth century to the environment and tools of the twenty-first century.

"What we know is that for a good and effective economic performance inflation must be at a low and stable level maintained by the monetary authority, certainly now we know that this is a mistake, as the damage caused by the financial crises is much greater than the damage that can be caused by an outbreak Inflation

New functions: financial stability and economic growth

. Financial stability. Protection of the Financial System. Stimulate economic growth.
Financial and Financial Sector

. Containment of the financial crisis

Financial stability is the case where the financial system is capable of performing a convincing performance of the three functions. First, the financial system facilitates the efficient and smooth allocation of resources from savers to investors; second: the outlook for financial risks is well managed; If not with the fluency of containing surprises and shocks. Economic development

FO is absolutely essential to support financial development and economic growth. The existence of an improper banking sector can lead to systemic financial risks and economic collapse.

225, 2007, Economic Growth of Financial Stability and the Role of Law, Douglas E. Warner, University of Cambridge 2

In the following pages you will find the achievements of the Central Bank of Iraq relating to the pillars of financial stability above during the first time 2017-2015 :

A) Financial stability (solid financial sector and security)

Stimulation and support of private banks and opening of accounts for state institutions in private banks

v For government depository Documentary credits Upgrading the payment system through the establishment of the national division and the integrated infrastructure

v Electronic payment companies 9 for retail payment systems and licenses to establish a protection unit Customer and Deposit Guarantee Corporation

v Establish National Payments Board

v Establish Financial Stability and Risk Management Units v

Linking the financial system in the Kurdistan region with the Central Bank of Iraq (cancel the sub-

v Central Bank in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah linked to the Ministry of Finance of the region and the establishment of two new branches linked to the Central Bank of Iraq)

Stimulate tight control, disclosure, government representative of the civil sector v

• Include financial

Preparation of the financial inclusion strategy

Establishment of the Deposit Guarantee Company

Depositing employees' salaries in accounts opened to them in public and private banks

Development of payment system and payment by mobile phone

. Establishment of the National Bureau of Credit Inquiries

Contributing to the development of the capital market

Forming a permanent coordination committee between the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to coordinate the financial and monetary policies.

The transition from the current accounting system to the application of international accounting standards for the preparation of financial reports and the obligation of all banks to apply them through the use of international audit offices.

. Full membership in the Islamic Services Council

(Banks up to now 10) Facilitating the establishment of Islamic banks

v Establish an account in the name of the Central Bank of Iraq in the Depository Center in the stock market

v to facilitate the circulation of national bonds.Estimating the secondary stock market by buying the application of the trading system,

• Liquidity of banks through the application of "liquidity coverage ratio" and "net fixed financing ratio" for the first time

• Support and stimulate the application of business continuity management system standards and practices by issuing instructions according to standards issued by the UK Institute for Business Continuity and Basel II principles. G central depository and settlement systems and to reconcile

v system clearing and settlement of securities trading operations with payment systems.

"Bread and those who make it in constant demand, firefighters only ask in emergency situations, who make fiscal policy like bakers, keep an eye on macroeconomics and the cash situation they should always be in. Financial stability experts are firefighters, Alarms, walls and cutting equipment, and all fire controls are in place

16. Page 1 Richard Barley, Overview of Financial Stability and Central Bank 1 *

B - Contain the fiscal deficit. % Contain the financial crisis in the last two years%% of reserves with the central bank to buy treasury transfers 50 Allow banks to use.. (4 trillion dinars) more than the proposal and develop a plan to pay the dues of contractors, processors and farmers accumulated and is being paid now under bonds organized by the Central Bank The central bank plays a key role in implementing the program of credit readiness with the International Monetary Fund for international loans and facilities. Financial Reform and Regression Plan for Maintaining Macroeconomic Stability Implementing the single treasury account system in coordination with the Ministry of Finance

Protection of the financial sector from financial crimes and money laundering. . Preparing a national strategy to combat money laundering and terrorism financing

, Enforcement of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules (regulations and regulations, regulations).

To activate and strengthen the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Department and grant it independence and an independent budget (for the first time, cases of money laundering and terrorism financing offenses will be referred to the judiciary).

• Strengthen cooperation, coordination and exchange of information with international partners

Application of programs, systems, policies and procedures to control and control the movement of foreign currency (USD)

T) Lending 5 launch initiative is the largest in the history of Iraq small and medium enterprises to stimulate the real sector.

. Establishment of a unit to support and control microfinance

. Review and update relevant legislation

. Working on the establishment of an investment fund with the participation of all banks
. Grant banks the freedom to determine interest

• Establishment of new structures

• Financial stability unit

• Economic forecasting unit

Risk management unit

• Compliance unit

• Total quality management unit

• Development of organizational structure of existing departments and configurations

• Implementation of knowledge transfer program in coordination with international partners
The Central Bank continues to implement its monetary policy :

• Continuing to achieve the objective of monetary policy to preserve the value of the Iraqi dinar

• Maintain the link of the Iraqi dinar to the US dollar in order to support economic stability and balance of payments.

• The Central Bank's success in maintaining the reserve level of the foreign currency in spite of the circumstances and the challenges of the large decline in dollar resources due to the low oil prices

Samson » October 22nd, 2017

Thanks for the translation Don

Samson » October 22nd, 2017

Mr. Governor's speech in Washington

22nd October, 2017

The speech of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq during his meeting with the Director General of the International Monetary Fund and the Governors of Central Banks in Washington on 15-10-2017

Thank you Mr. Laccard, the Director-General for hosting this meeting.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the Iraqi government is committed to implementing its program with the International Monetary Fund and we hope that the third revision will be agreed under the program during our stay here.

We appreciate the work of the IMF team and the flexibility of the policy of advising, as it is important to reach this degree of flexibility and understanding of the exceptional Iraqi situation, where this is important when it comes to balancing the financial situation with social considerations.

The withdrawal of correspondent banks is an important issue for us. We also appreciate if the Middle East Division of the International Monetary Fund can share best practices and facilities and conduct a dialogue with shareholders to address this issue.

Iraq, like other countries in the region, has a large number of refugees and displaced persons

(about 3 million for displaced people). It would be helpful for the Middle East to provide assistance in assessing the economic impact associated with it. The international community has the opportunity to provide assistance.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the Kuwaiti Government for their valuable support to Iraq, including hosting the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in the coming months. In this regard, we appreciate the technical support of the International Monetary Fund in preparing for this conference.

There is a need for great efforts by the International Monetary Fund to develop the representation of our region's staff and to ensure appropriate career opportunities and promotions to the highest levels, and we hope to see tangible progress in this regard at our next meeting.


Don961 » October 22nd, 2017

Aloha Frank , It appears Mr. Alak is making the rounds .... talking up a storm ....

Frank26 » October 22nd, 2017

My last Words on TC (team chat) last night were ............... "FAMILY .......... The CBI is about to talk a lot ........... Starting Sunday".

"Over and Over" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 10-21-17

Dinar Alert

Mike: U.S. Tried and Failed to Stave Off Iraq's Advance on the Kurds 10/21/2017

The U.S. nearly brokered a deal last weekend to avert the current crisis over the disputed city of Kirkuk, where Iraqi forces and some Iranian-supported militias displaced Kurdish fighters this week.

It has been widely reported that Iraqi Security Forces entered Kirkuk and a nearby military base and oil fields because of a deal made by the relatives of the late Jalal Talabani, the former Iraqi president and Kurdish revolutionary who died this month.

That deal, forged by Talabani's widow, Hero, and others in her family with the head of Iran's Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, has uprooted the unity Kurds have enjoyed since the 2003 war to liberate Iraq. The Kurdistan Regional Government president, Massoud Barzani, has called Hero a traitor, while Kurds loyal to Talabani have accused Barzani of bringing another calamity upon their people.

But this is only part of the story. According to U.S., Kurdish, Iraqi and European officials familiar with the diplomacy, the U.S. special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIS, Brett McGurk, came very close to a face-saving compromise between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, over the weekend before Abadi ordered his forces into Kirkuk.

These officials tell me that the McGurk compromise would wrest Kurdish control of a military air base outside of Kirkuk known as K-1, where many U.S. special operators are currently stationed. Between 2014 and this week, the K-1 base was secured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Like the Kurdish fighters stationed in Kirkuk and the surrounding oil fields, they took up these positions after the Iraqi army collapsed in the face of an Islamic State surge in 2014.

The U.S. compromise would have offered a joint administration of the military base for both Kurds and Iraqis with a U.S. general (agreed to by both sides) to settle disputes. The theory was this would have allowed Abadi to save face after last month's Kurdish independence referendum while avoiding the trauma of Iraqi forces taking over a multi-ethnic city that Kurds have long considered their Jerusalem.

But much like the last-minute effort to persuade Kurdish leaders to back off the independence referendum, the U.S. compromise did not convince Abadi to avert the military operation into Kirkuk. According to one Western diplomat who was working on the deal, McGurk asked Abadi for another day on Sunday, only a few hours before he ordered his forces into Kirkuk. But Abadi did not oblige.

The Kirkuk crisis began to boil as early as Oct. 13. That is when Abadi gave Kurdish leaders a 48-hour deadline to remove their forces from Kirkuk and the surrounding areas. This prompted members of both major Kurdish parties -- including relatives of Talabani -- to frantically call U.S. and British officials to put pressure on Abadi to back off.

By Saturday, the Kurdish leadership recognized it had a major problem. Both the Talabani faction and the faction loyal to the current Kurdistan Regional Government president met at Lake Dokan for a summit to discuss Abadi's warning and the potential compromise to stave off the Iraqi military operation.

The location was important because it is a midway point between the regional capital of Irbil, which is traditionally loyal to the Barzani family, and Sulaymaniyah, the seat of power for the Talabani faction.

But the Kurdish summit did not reach consensus on the U.S. compromise. McGurk pleaded for more time with Abadi. But time ran out. By Sunday, Talabani's widow traveled back to Sulaymaniyah with most of her clan. Later in that day they cut the deal with Iran's Soleimani. The rest is history.

Now the Kurds have lost their Jerusalem, as Iraqi forces approach what Kurds voted last month should eventually be their independent state's national borders. LINK

Mike: Over and over, Abadi proves he's Maliki Lite. For weeks Abadi promised not to take up arms against his Kurdish brothers and what happened?

He took up arms against the Kurd's. Barzani is another ME despot who thought he could force Baghdad's hand it backfired spectacularly, his own people turned their back on him and cut a deal with the Iranians of all people.

These guys are like crabs in a bucket, when they see one moving up the sides they knock him down into the pile again.

This is a huge setback for US diplomacy in Iraq, it clearly demonstrates that Iran is the lead in this production and the US is back in the wings holding up props. Hero Talabani is worse than her husband, at least he stayed out of the way, she's sold out the Kurdish people for power because Barzani was too greedy to share.

While the minorities squabble for scraps Iran and the Shia are tightening their hold and control over Iraq. McGurk needs to go, we need better US leaderhsip right now, he's failing miserably. An emboldened Baghdad may set it's sights on Erbil and take advantage of the Kurdish division, like the old saying, united we stand, divided the Kurd's will fall.

IMO --Stay grounded...

Terry: Thanks Mike. IMO the whole Middle East is a cesspool.

Mike: The fall of Kirkuk and U.S. Kurdish allies

10/21/2017 Iran has completed its strategic reversal of America’s regional influence


Well, we’ve done it. We’ve given Kirkuk to the Iranians.

Kirkuk. The Heart of Kurdistan. It’s the Jerusalem of the Kurds, our only trusted and loyal allies in Iraq. It’s also the last piece of terrain needed by Tehran to complete its overland, unimpeded access to the shores of the Mediterranean and to its Hezbollah allies in Lebanon.

And it’s precisely where President Trump’s new hard line on Iran, barely 72 hours old, was put to the test and failed.

Actually, it didn’t fail. Our State Department failed it. Rather than act to dissuade or disrupt this past weekend’s bold and open advance on Kirkuk by a significant collection of Iranian-controlled combat power, we demurely averted our eyes and said we weren’t taking sides. But we didn’t even do that.

We stayed out and let the Iranians in. By remaining passive our State Department wittingly accepted the foreseeable end state — the immediate annexation of half of Iraq’s Kurdish Region by proxy forces loyal to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Corps (IRGC), an organization President Trump three days earlier designated a terror organization.

Let that sink in.

Don’t think that’s the case? In the week prior to the attack on the night of Oct. 16, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the IRGC, crossed into Iraq and openly shuttled between two important Kurdish towns near the Iranian border, Sulaymania and Tuz Khurmatu. The first is the base for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), a Kurdish political party with a pro-Iranian faction, and the second is a PUK-dominated Kurdish town that is geographically significant, as it controls ready access west to Tikrit and northwest into Kirkuk.

Shia militias aligned with their coreligionists in Iran had been building combat power outside the town for the past year. While Gen. Soleimani chatted, his allies in Shia-dominated Iraqi army units began moving his way, too.

But they didn’t stop. They joined and continued northwest. American RC-12 reconnaissance aircraft watched from overhead while a wide spectrum of Iranian-dominated combat power consolidated into attack positions on the southern outskirts of Kirkuk.

These included various Shia militias, the Al Badr brigade, the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (wearing police uniforms), Khorasan units, Tafoof units, and the 20th Brigade of the Shia Popular Mobilization Force. They were joined by Iraqi Army units comprised of nearly 100 percent Shia fighters, units such as the 20th Brigade of the Iraqi Army, Baghdad’s Anti-Terror Brigade, the Iraqi Federal Police and an armor brigade from the 9th Division of the Iraqi Army.

They now occupy Kirkuk. Irbil, the Kurdish capital, could be next. In a statement issued on Oct. 17, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, a close ally of Tehran, announced Iraqi forces will take Irbil within the next 48 hours.

So, here is the question for Washington: What do we do when Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al Abadi next tells Washington he wants all U.S. forces out of Iraq? He no longer needs them. ISIS has been crushed. The Kurds are being crushed. The ayatollahs in Iran now move his lips, and Iranian foreign policy has long been purposed to displace the Americans from Iraq. Their day has come.

Much like a day that came in 1972 when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat ejected 15,000 Soviet military advisers from his country. Later that day, Comrades Leonid Breshnev and Alexei Kosygin likely looked at each other across a couple of stiff Stolichnayas and asked in unison, “What the heck just happened?”

Their answer is lost to history, but whatever it was, it was too late. Next to fall was Egypt’s Friendship and Cooperation Agreement with the USSR. Then came the coup de grace when Sadat placed his signature on the Camp David Accords.

These developments were together the clear signal of the beginning of the end, a stunning strategic reversal for the Soviets. They were out. The Americans were in. The USSR had been displaced from her important interests in the region and replaced by the USA.

The Russians had learned the hard way the First Rule of Alliance Building: Don’t lose the allies you already have. Like frogs in a pot of water being slowly heated, the Russians had blithely splished and splashed until it was too late. They’ve waited 45 years for an opportunity to muscle back in. Much like their friends in Tehran.

We’ve just now given both of them their golden opportunity. We allowed Kirkuk to fall. We failed to back our longtime trusted allies, the Kurds, and allowed their Jerusalem, the last remaining piece of terrain open and welcome to the development of a counterbalance to Iranian power, to be seized by Iranian proxies.

We’ve accepted a strategic end state of expanded Shia dominance that is now physically linked from Tehran through Kurdistan to the Russian naval base at Tartus on the Syrian shoreline along the Mediterranean and to Tehran’s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon.

The Americans are out. The Iranians and their Russian allies are back in.

• Ernie Audino, a retired U.S. Army brigadier general, is a senior military fellow at the London Center for Policy Research.


​Mike: And no, this article isn't negative, it's the new reality in Iraq. Stay grounded...

Terry: The Kurds have an ugly future. Remember what zen predicted about a proxy war. It is becoming more and more likely.

Shengwah: Barzani overplayed his hand. Dumb**
--'Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.' Schiller

Aloha Alex: But under General News an art states Iran will retreat to the borders, as it should. But an art a couple days ago states Iran is opening 5 military bases in Kirkut. But another art....blah blah blah.

Yoyo articles delivering pretzel logic. We're smarter than that.
You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.

Soon: Thanks Mike


Scientists Discover Biophotons in the Brain that Links Our Consciousness to Light

Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light!

OCT 22 2017

Scientists found that neurons in mammalian brains were capable of producing photons of light, or “Biophotons”!

The photons, strangely enough, appear within the visible spectrum. They range from near-infrared through violet, or between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.

Scientists have an exciting suspicion that our brain’s neurons might be able to communicate through light. They suspect that our brain might have optical communication channels, but they have no idea what could be communicated.

Even more exciting, they claim that if there is an optical communication happening, the Biophotons our brains produce might be affected by quantum entanglement, meaning there can be a strong link between these photons, our consciousness and possibly what many cultures and religions refer to as Spirit.

In a couple of experiments scientist discovered that rat brains can pass just one biophoton per neuron a minute, but human brains could convey more than a billion biophotons per second.

This raises the question, could it be possible that the more light one can produce and communicate between neurons, the more conscious they are?

If there is any correlation between biophotons, light, and consciousness it can have strong implications that there is more to light than we are aware of.

Just think for a moment. Many texts and religions dating way back, since the dawn of human civilization have reported of saints, ascended beings and enlightened individuals having shining circles around their heads.

From Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, to teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, among many other religions, sacred individuals were depicted with a shining circle in the form of a circular glow around their heads.

If they were as enlightened as they are described maybe this shining circle was just a result of the higher consciousness they operated with, hence a higher frequency and production of biophotons.

Maybe these individuals produced higher level of biophotons with stronger instensity because of their enlightenment, if there is any correlation between biophotons and consciousness.

Even the word enLIGHTenment suggests that this higher consciousness has something to do with light.

But one of the most exciting implications the discovery that our brains can produce light gives, is that maybe our consciousness and spirit are not contained within our bodies. This implication is completely overlooked by scientists.

Quantum entanglement says that 2 entangled photons react if one of the photons is affected no matter where the other photon is in The Universe without any delay.

Maybe there is a world that exists within light, and no matter where you are in The Universe photons can act as portals that enable communication between these 2 worlds. Maybe our spirit and consciousness communicate with our bodies through these biophotons. And the more light we produce the more we awaken and embody the wholeness of our consciousness.

This can explain the phenomenon of why the state of a photon is affected simply by consciously observing it, as it is proven in many quantum experiments.

Maybe our observation communicates something through our biophotons with the photon that is being observed, in a similar fashion as quantum entanglement, like light is just one unified substance that is scattered throughout our Universe and affected through each light particle.

Of course, nothing of this is even close to being a theory. But asking questions and shooting such metaphysical hypothesis might lead us closer to the truth and understanding of what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what are the mysteries that hide within light.


Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Steve Beckow: Spirituality 101

Spirituality 101

October 22, 2017
By Steve Beckow

Hands up, everyone who’s waiting for the Reval?

No, not physically waiting. We all are that.

I mean emotionally, spiritually, waiting for the Reval?

Supposing you went to university for the time from now till the Reval?

The local college is offering Spirituality 101 and you just signed up for it.

What would the curriculum be?

Read well because an assignment will follow.

Spirituality 101 – Curriculum

(1) The Purpose of Life

Without this, nothing. What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life for us is to know our true nature, our real identity, our essence.

The purpose God had in creating life was to experience his own love in a moment of our enlightenment. When one of us realizes his or her true identity, God meets God.

God realizes God in a moment of our enlightenment. And for that meeting was all of this created.

(2) The Trinity

The final goal is a ways down the road. But in our day and age we’re going from the Third/Fourth Dimensions to the Fifth-Seventh Dimensions.

What is to be realized to achieve that rise in vibration? This equation provides the key to answer that question and many more: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost = Brahman, Atman, and Shakti.

Between these two religions – Christianity and Hinduism (and I’m an adherent of neither, by the way) – enough of a Rosetta Stone can be formed that religion, for those who prefer it, can be made much more accessible, understandable, and helpful.

It might then assist us to see what we can do to achieve life’s purpose of realizing ourselves and this life’s purpose of building Nova Earth, instead of being an excuse for war.

(3) The Divine Plan in General and for This Age

Many terrestrial sages saw the Divine Plan in different shapes, perfectly formed and marvellous to behold.

Sometimes they saw an arc, sometimes a staircase, sometimes a mountain.

I saw the Divine Plan in a vision I had in 1987 and I describe it here, on my site. (1)

Krishnamurti, having seen it, said that knowing it was of paramount importance.

“The really important thing is … the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution. When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful.” (2)

The design of life is a spiralling arc, from God to God

I agree. Here I am (2017), forty years after having seen it (1987), still working away as a result of what I saw that day.

As I saw it, the trajectory of the soul was an overall circle, from God to God. But the soul spiralled around the circle as it went. I compare it to the Moon circling the Earth while the Earth circles the Sun.

The spiral related to karmic lessons that were unlearned and, so, incessantly returned to until the lessons were gotten. Not always returned to right away, but eventually.

The Divine Plan for this age and this planet is a gradual Ascension, punctuated by bursts of enlightenment such as a heart opening, cosmic consciousness, God-Realization, and Sahaja Samadhi. (3)

This is the first time Ascension has taken place with the human body progressing dimensions. Until now, ascenders had to drop the body.

Also, the space we’re going into is a brand new space. We’re explorers in consciousness.

(4) Building Nova Earth

Why are we here as lightworkers?

The vast majority of us are angels apparently. We’re here to reconstruct, resurrect, or rebuild Planet Earth.

If one limits oneself to the devastation wrought on this planet by World Wars One and Two alone, one can imagine the amount of negativity that clings to it.

We’re here to cleanse it – for the most part by cleansing ourselves, which has the effect of eliminating a multiple of itself from the planet.

Others of us may participate in what is expected to be a rapid physical clean-up of the Earth’s surface.

Others will concentrate on the inhabitants – on the human dimension of reconstruction.

Poverty must end on this planet. The homeless need to be sheltered. The sick and elderly need to be tended. Children need to be educated. The defenceless need to be protected, for a little while longer.

In the 1970s, we had what we called a “social safety net” in Canada. Services were provided by private, not-for-profit agencies funded by the provincial government. An array of services were available.

It all died in the Recession of the early 1980s. Automation depressed the labor market and robots did not pay taxes.

How do we get that back?

(5) Sacred Partnership

We’re all in sacred partnership. We just don’t get it. Every time I get it, I’m overwhelmed. It isn’t just couples; it’s all of us.

To assist us to enter into this context and be at home in it, we need classes in school that teach communication, relationship, sexuality, parenting, and other important skills.

We need folks practiced in conflict resolution to help us through any friction that arises because of differences and disagreements.

We’re in sacred partnership to restore Gaia and her inhabitants to their pristine health. We’re in sacred partnership to build together, to cooperate with each other, to work toward this or another common planet-transforming goal.

We’re in sacred partnership to generate together the spark of love that will ignite the collective consciousness of this planet and propel us into the Fifth Dimension.

Your assignment in taking this course is to choose one of the five fields (above) and write a thesis on it. A “thesis” can mean whatever you want. You’re doing this one for you.

But make it your masterpiece. Research it. Understand the field. Adapt your study to match your favorite impulse – painting perhaps, or poetry, or philosophy. (4) Present your findings in whatever medium you’d like.

Report back in six months or don’t – if the Reval happens in between. Let’s use this waiting time wisely.


(1) “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

(2) J. Krishnamurti, At the Feet of the Master. Adyar: Theosophical Publishing House, 1974; c1910, 17.

(3) A heart opening = Fourth-chakra enlightenment; not a permanent state yet.

Cosmic consciousness = Sixth-Chakra enlightenment; samadhi in form.

God-Realization = Seventh-Chakra enlightenment; first samadhi beyond form.

Sahaja Samadhi (Sahaja = Natural) = A complete and permanent heart opening, Fifth-Seventh-Dimensionality, the culmination of Ascension.

(4) Three research libraries are available to you: Here (http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=Main_Page), here (http://gaog.wpengine.com/library/) and here (http://goldenageofgaia.com/download-page/.)

Source: Golden Age of Gaia


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